The information displayed here is for growers looking for suitable air blowers to add to their drying system.

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With the strong interest from grower feed back relating to these pages, I am attempting to add more content and, therefore interest for all growers wanting to build or buy a dryer system.
To properly dry any freshly harvested herbs or flowers the success is in the amount of hot air moved around the drying room.
I have 3 systems to choose from that I have experimented with, and I have come to the conclusion that the more air you move between the herbs, the better the drying.

The first system  uses multi bladed drum fans. This one is only small, running on a 240 volt single phase motor.
This has a medium volume output of air at .9 cubic metres air per second. 1 - 2hp electric motor source. Approximate cost would be around  $200.

The second system uses an old forge blower that only produces .2 cubic metres of air per second. Only a light duty blower, made of reinforced plastic. 1/3 - 1/2 hp electric source. Approximate cost $100.

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The third system, I use in my shipping container is a multi bladed drum blower and it shifts 3 cubic metres of air per second, you can stand inside the container at the far end and your hair will be blowing about. A very powerful one. 2-3 hp electric motor source. Approximate cost $500-$1500