Solar Pump Sizes

So you have a large head situation

If you want to go solar and you have a pump head size of over 100 metres, then you have to consider the implications of the power you must supply these larger pumps.

The pump shown on the right is a: centrifugal type 4" in diameter.


4FLA-180-2.2 ......meaning it has a 2.2 kW motor needing a Voltage of AC380V / DC540V

The Rated Flow is 2m3 or two cubic metres of water flow.

The Rated Head is 180m, with an outlet pipe diameter of 1" & 1/4, or 2" poly pipe. The body of the pump is 4"

This pump Voltage requires 3400 Watts of power and needs either 12 x 300 watt panels or 10 x 350 watt panels to adequately run this size pump.


The Cost of the pump at the April 2020 is $2850 but you have to buy solar panels on top of this price.

12 X 300 watt panels is $2840.

So when larger pumps are needed, then the power requirements goes up.

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