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Planting machine showing 3 rows with a fertilizer container dropping water into the wheels and when the plugs are pressed into the soil the fertilized water fills the hole and then the plants are planted into a wet hole. 


I can change the machine to only use one row of plantsfor better weeding with the row weeder pictured below.


The Growers Pages

This is a information page for those wanting to know a little more about growing on a larger scale. Here are photographs of producing Medicinal Herbs in 50 meter rows with a planting/weeding machine I built specifically for the crops I grow. If there are any questions you want to ask then email me on the link below.

Silage harvesting.jpg
mechanical weeding.jpg
vegetable planting.jpg
crop weeding.jpg
vegetable crop.jpg
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Growing Seeds for our Seed Bank


Growers for producing seed for us.

Please inquire at and talk to Andy Pleasance

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