Snake Beans - Red climbing snake bean

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Packets of Seed: 1 packet
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RED Climbing Snake bean, long bean, yard-long bean, asparagus bean Vigna unguiculata ssp. Sesquipedalis (Leguminosae)

Approx 2 grams, 2 seeds only, vary hard to get and rare in Australia

Easy to grow Australian Distribution: Snake bean are mainly grown around Darwin in the NT and central and north Queensland. Preferred Climate and Soil Types: Snake beans enjoy warmer climates and are not frost tolerant. Humid climates are preferred especially those with consistent rainfall. Snake beans need to be irrigated during dry spells and can grow during a monsoon season as long as the soil is well drained. If heavy rainfall or waterlogging is not an issue then a range of soil types from sands to heavy clays are suitable for production. Snake beans prefer a soil pH between 5.5 and 7.5 but can tolerate slightly acid soils.

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