Growing Seeds for our Seed Bank


Growers for producing seed for us.

Please inquire at and talk to Andy Pleasance

Grower Info Pak: $30.00 aus inc post
  • The top 5 herb crops for the current season.

  • Tee-Tape irrigation systems and others.

  • Organic certification. Is it necessary?

  • Before planting notes.

  • Chemical elements required by plants

  • Flame weeding

  • Hand seeding equipment & trays

  • Organic fertilizer info.

  • Nursery system.

  • Drying systems.

  • Raised bed farming machinery.

  • 8 pages of financial information

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Grower Info Paks, How to Grow Medicinal Herbs and Vegetables for the Australian & NZ Markets


Consultation Service

Pleasance Herbs now has a service for farmers intending to grow medicinal herbs on a large scale.
Business plans are now available for those intending to acquire loans to set up for herb farming. 
We have financial information to download from this site or purchased on floppy disk through the mail. 
There are two sets of information available:
1. Large scale herb farming 
2. Small scale herb farming.

Over the years of operating a small scale herb farm, and then a larger farm we have come up with financial information to help those farmers finding difficulty in locating detailed information to set up these types of businesses.

My experience involving herb farming goes back to 1972 when my father Mr Phil Pleasance and his brother Guy, operated Martin & Pleasance  Wholesale Chemists in Melbourne from the early 40's to 1989. A very successful business in Homeopathics and the vitamin label "Golden Life" which is still on the shelves today. My father was importing medicinal herb from England and the States,  also some countries in Europe, when I thought we should be able to grow medicinal herbs in the harsh Australian climate quite easily. This we started in Casino with a Hereford stud. It soon became evident that some of the herbs ( the more expensive ones) could grow quite easily here on the north coast of NSW.

Today we still grow medicinal herbs for Martin & Pleasance, even though the business does not remain in the family any more.

A 1 hour visit to Pleasance Herb Seed Farm $40, viewing the crops available to grow,   fertilizer requirements maintenance problems, and particularly the market quotas I have to slot you into and general layout of your farm.
Financial information is available for an extra cost of $50 for those intending to start small scale farming.

Those farmers wanting financial planning on a larger 10 acres and up we have a more comprehensive information package for $700.  This will include backup from us for a period of the first season on the internet and the phone.
If you need us to visit your farm somewhere in Australia,  just the airfares are pable up front, as well as the cost of getting to your farm gate from an airport.

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