Solar Water Pumps 24 volt - 3 Models Available in Head and Flow Sizes
Model Sizes
16-24-120       12/16m head     0.5/18m3/hr     $1700
20-24-150       15/20m head     0.7/20m3/hr     $1800
30-24-200       20/30m head     0.7/25m3/hr     $1900
78-48-750       60/78m head     0.1/30m3/hr     $2500
Many sizes of pumps available.
Supplied with MPPT Solar Controller
and 280w Solar panel.
Large pumps like the 78-48-750, need 4 x 280 watt panels on a 48v system, add solar panel price to this model.
Individual Tier one Solar panels     $295 each, 4 solar panels $998
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The pumps come well packed in a box that can be sent through the post or by carrier to your destination.

Consists of

  • One 24 volt Helical Rotor bore pump with 10-20 metres cable

  • One MPPT Solar Controller

  • Spare  Helical Rotor

  • Instruction Manual

  • 280w Solar Panel.

  • Freight Extra or pick up from Kyogle NSW 2470 area.


These brushless high speed Helical Rotor pumps are incredible.

I have personally installed two of these on my farm, one for irrigation, and one for the house tanks.

They work on polycrystaline or Monocrystaline 280 watt panels that are safe and easy to install.

The MPPT Controller maximizes the suns power to the panels and at a lower light, makes the brushless 24 volt pump work at different revs.

Cuts out at dusk and starts at sunrise when there is enough power from the panels.

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Solar pump Packaging.jpg

Solar Powered Surface Pumps

These Models are for use in swimming pool, spas, fish ponds fountains and circulating purposes. In stock now


Solar Driven Swimming Pool Pumps



SJP17/15-D48/500   48v   500w   15m

SJP21/19-D72/900   72v   900w   19m

SJP31/19-D72/1200 72v   1200w 19m

$2400 with MPPT controller- (need to add solar panels to this 48-72v system)


Fountain Pumps

Choose pump size between 12/24/48 volt

Model Number:ZQB-12 pump 12v dc

Structure: Centrifugal Single-stage Pump

Usage: Water Pumping

Application: Fountain pumps, circulation.

Pressure: Low Pressure

Material: stainless steel

Core wire: 100% copper

Voltage: 12V 24V 48V 60V

Head: 8m 10m 12m 18m

Capacity: 60-200L/min

Base Diameter: 14cm

Outlet: 1 inch/25ml


Work out your

pump head size here

As soon as you find out your lift from the well or the river bank, then you add the height of the distance the delivery pipe has to travel, and add the height from the source/the river bank/well to the equation and divide it by 10

There you will have the most important figure when ordering a pump for your application on your farm.

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